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SimGHOSTS Current Information

Everything you need to know about SimGHOSTS and our latest events is right here!
Click below for the up to date details about who we are and what the latest and greatest additions to the gatherings are! See YOU there!

  • The American College of CHEST Physicians Hosted the 4th Annual Hands-On Training & Community SiMGHOSTS Event! Stay connected by following
  • Stay connected by following us on Linkedin & Twitter Livestream Keynote Happening Now Taking place at the University of the Sunshine
  • The SimGHOSTS  community provides amazing group support & exclusive content! The Gathering of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists website is training

Latest News and Information

  • WEBINAR: Organizational Structure and Statistics in SimulationIQ Enterprise - November 12, 2014 - 2:00 PM EST >

     SimGHOSTS webinar series welcomes Dr. Daniel Backlund from Texas Tech University Health Science Center.  Dr. Backlund will discuss "Organizational Structure and Statistics in SimulationIQ Enterprise: An Introduction" and is focused to new and veteran users of Arcadia/SimulationIQ Enterprise. The learning objectives of this talk are: 1)  Provide an overview of how the
    Read More
  • SimMan Nasal Cannula Solution >

    SimMan Tips and Tricks   Everyone that uses SimMan knows there is a problem keeping bi-nasal cannula on the manikin due the lack of ears.  It is my understanding Laerdal is working on creating more "realistic" ears for their products.  Time will tell!  In the mean time here is a quick
    Read More
  • Watch the Winning Simulation 'How-To' Videos from B-Line Medical's SimGHOSTS 2014 USA Contest! >

    See the Winning Videos from the B-Line Medical SimGHOSTS 2014 How-To Video Contest! Last month at the American College of CHEST Physicians B-Line Medical continue its global support of Simulation Technician innovative by sponsoring a USA's new “How-To” Video Contest. For this year, B-Line Medical expanded the video competition topic
    Read More
  • Words of Wisdom >

    Today I ran across a FREE medical education site, www.lifeinthefastlane.com, and thought I'd share blogger Mike Cadogan's words of wisdom.  His 5 lessons learned are applicable to all of us simulation junkies.   1) Family comes first Altruism requires motivation. Not the motivation of fame and fortune but the motivation to do
    Read More
  • Pocket Nurse Awarded Two FULL Scholarships to SimGHOSTS 2014 USA >

    SimGHOSTS Leadership & Founding Sponsor Pocket Nurse are awarded the “Pocket Nurse Scholarship” to help those with financial need to attend the  2014 USA event, hosted by the American College of Chest Physicians August 2014 in Greater Chicago, IL! The SimGHOSTS leadership thanks Anthony Battaglia, Deborah Coltrane and all the team from
    Read More
  • Watch the SimGHOSTS 2014 USA Opening Keynote Address at American College of CHEST Physicians Sponsored by Level 3 Healthcare >

    Level 3 Healthcare sponsored the SimGHOSTS 2014 USA keynote address, presented by SimGHOSTS President James Cypert. This event was broadcast and streamed LIVE Wednesday morning Day 1 of the main event August 6th at the American College of CHEST Physicians in Glenview near Chicago, IL. As the keynote address, Level
    Read More
  • SimGHOSTS 2014 USA Hosts 220 Participants From Around the World >

    Currently on day 2 of SimGHOSTS 2014 USA, more than 220 participants from around the world came together at the American College of CHEST Physicians in Glenview, Illinois for hands-on training workshops, community networking, vendor exhibit hall and professional development courses.  A four day event, the 4th annual Gathering of
    Read More
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