Gaumard Sponsored Bug Busters Event Highlights Technical Knowledge


Thanks to Gaumard Scientific at the USA event, SimGHOSTS was able to host another awesome "Bug Busters" competition which highlighted the technical knowledge and skillsets of several individuals in our field. How does it work? Teams of four or five Techs come together in a room that has various bugs placed throughout the scene. The team must address all the bugs as quickly as possible (for a time bonus). Winning teams are then split apart into teams of two, and the process repeated. Finally, the top four or five individuals are put head to head and enter the room themselves - answering clinical questions of staged "confederate" medical staff, debugging systems, and making sure the scene setup is ready for simulation launch! 

Participants had 10 minutes to diagnose and repair multiple system issues in a clinical simulation room dealing with any of these topics: simulator mechanics, patient voice, simulator software, patient monitor, IV and other medical equipment, moulage, etc. Participants were judged on speed, number of fixes completed successfully, creativity and professionality, as well as have chances for bonus points via trivia questions. All participants had the same issues to troubleshoot during the first and second round.

Thanks to Volunteers

These events take quiet a bit of time to setup and operate so we thank the volunteers who made this year's events happen! 

The Australia event had 12 participants and was run by Ryan Eling, Kirrian Steer and Nick Brauer of SimGHOSTS, aided by CSDS staff Clinton Henderson and Davin Arthur. 

The Gaumard Scientific Sponsored USA event was organized by Billie Paschal of North Central Texas College and was run by Amy Wise (North Central Texas College), Roy Ridgeway (Andersen Simulation Center, Madigan Army Medical Center) and Luther Raechal (Boise State University, School of Nursing). In the beginning there were 15 participants!



Australia Winners
1st: Darren O'Mullane Barwon Health
2nd: Chris Carpenter CC Simulation
Runners-up: Neil Fainges Mepic, Divya Mathias Australian Institute of Medical Simulation and Innovation, and Ban Shian (Karen Alma) Ho National University of Singapore


USA Winners
1st: Christian Cannady UCLA
2nd: Yixing Chen University of Toledo
Runners-up: Lee Hagerty UCSF Fresno Medical Education Program and Jeremy Babcock Queen's University

Prizes Given:

Grand Prize: Free Registration to SimGHOSTS 2016

2nd Prize - $100 Amazon Gift Card

3rd Prize - $50 Amazon Gift Card

Special Thanks to Gaumard


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