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SimGHOSTS Launches Registration for Dubai Healthcare Simulation Technology Training Event with Partner Simulead!


SimGHOSTS is bringing our hands-on training event to Dubai, with partner Simulead! With the goal to connect Simulation Technology Specialists from around the world, the SimGHOSTS leadership is thrilled to partner with a key Middle Eastern distributor like Simulead to provide hands-on training, community support and more to those operating simulation technology in the region. SimGHOSTS Founder & Development Director Lance Baily said of the event, “SimGHOSTS is on a mission to bring specialized training events to key regions around the world – that we have a partner supporting us in those efforts with the team from Simulead is an honor.

For the past five years, SimGHOSTS has continued to see increased attendance by the international community of Simulation Technology Specialists at its annual hands-on training events. With a mission to connect the world’s growing population of simulation technology professionals together, the non profit organization’s leadership has continued to engage in relationship building with organizations inside and outside the United States. Our inaugural international event hosted in 2014 by the University of the Sunshine Coast was a rousing success which brought together over a hundred simulation champions from around the world. The enthusiasm from the Australia event inspired SimGHOSTS to seek out partners in other regions, which led to the partnership with Simulead for a 2015 event in the Middle East.

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