Refurbished Batteries for SimMan 3G


Post by volunteer Arielle Glenn

A colleague of mine at another simulation center reached out to me a month or so ago sharing with me that he had consulted with a company that refurbished the SimMan3G Series batteries. After a successful experience reported, I checked out the company’s website. The cost to refurbish one battery pack is $111.64 but their site displays the offer of a quote for multiple sets. The process is simple – pay the money, send the batteries found inside 3G to the refurbishing company and wait. Although the company stated a two week turn-around time, they were completed and received just less than four weeks later. Worth the wait. The refurbished batteries were fully charged in under 3.5 hours , placed back inside Mr. 3G and tested for 2-3 hours running in a tachypnea scenario (fast breathing – lots of battery juice used in these scenarios). As some of you may know, after one or so hour 3G tends to get a little warm and can send a warning message through the Instructor PC notifying you of overheating batteries so 2-3 hours of non-stop * no warning* battery usage can be a real charm for heavy sim days. Being that Laerdal quotes for new batteries can range in the $1300’s, I would stay this is a steal deal. You can use this refurbishing company to juice up the batteries of SimMan3G, SimMan3G Trauma Edition, SimMan Essential Bleeding, and SimMan Essential. Of course, this recommendation comes with the disclaimer that I only ever recommend these modifications be taken advantage of POST WARRANTY EXPIRATION. It is always best practice to adhere to whatever your reps recommend for battery replacement while your simulator is within warranty. For proper battery care and charging tips for your currently working stock SimMan3G batteries, read page 14 of the User Guide –
click here. Here is the link to the refurbishing company’s website - click here.