Arielle Glenn's SG15USA Workshops - Here's What You Missed

Blog post by volunteer Arielle Glenn

The two courses presented were Training for the New Technician and Post Warranty Maintenance and Troubleshooting (click on the titles for the outlines of both courses). The simulators covered under these topics were primarily SimMan3G and Hal3201; however, you can apply the materials to other simulators. Much of what was taught came straight from the manuals of both simulators so you can infer that it would be safe to apply the techniques covered without harming your warranties, if you are still within that warranty period. The focus of the two sessions were primarily to teach those who are working in facilities with simulation equipment that is not covered under any warranty; not inclusively just those people – those with warranties were welcome too. As always, I preface with this: Always consult your Territory Manager or Technical Support when troubleshooting or making changes to any simulator within warranty.

Here are the manuals for Hal3201 and SimMan3G

The following documents are some troubleshooting guides I created to help with common issues associated to both simulators:

Troubleshooting Instructions for SimMan3G
Troubleshooting Tips for SimMan3G
Monitor Connection Troubleshooting

There are two primary troubleshooting techniques that can be applied to SimMan3G to start off with – and you can try these techniques before you even begin the process, as the fixes contained inside these practices can often times instantly resolve the problem:
  1. Manikin Update – even if the manikin update is not needed according to the software, ensure you are on the most recent version of software and force the update.
  2. Quick Set-Up Guide – I know, I know, you’ve got the right set up installed – but just so that no one can follow behind you and plug the power cord in (making that face at you like – sure sure you had it handled), let’s just go over the set up again.

You can check out the power points used to guide the two sessions as well – these guides have a few fun ideas for games that you can play with staff as well – or play off of them and create your own:
Please refer to the Quick Reference Guide created for both Laerdal and Gaumard. These are quick links to get you where you need to go for documentation as well as connect you with the right people at both companies.

I hope that for those of you that did not attend SG2015 this year, you’ve got your hands on some of the material taught by the other courses. As well, I hope you use the material I’ve provided to boost your wealth of knowledge regarding SimMan3G and Hal3201. Happy troubleshooting!