Are You Passionate About Simulation?


Blog post by SimGHOSTS board member Nick Brauer.

If you are reading this you are likely involved in medical simulation in some way.   You may be an instructor (Nursing, PA, Medicine, Pharmacy etc...) or a simulation operation specialist looking for that pearl of information to assist in daily operations.  That reason may be for manikin repair or simply what task trainer NOT to purchase.    Regardless of the reason, SimGHOSTS and has proven to be an invaluable resource.  


Over the past two years SimGHOSTS (SG) has partnered with national and international organizations;  International Pediatric Simulation Society,  Simulation Australia, Society for Simulation in Healthcare, and Association for Simulated Practice in Healthcare.  Like SimGHOSTS, these organizations have a vested interest in providing quality educational opportunities to learners and ultimately improving patients wellbeing.  Did you know because of these relationships, members of each organization receives special benefits?  Also, if you join Simulation Australia you are able to join SSH at no additional cost!


No time, travel dollars or the supervisor doesn't see the value in educating you the staff or faculty member?   SG is now offering a whole host of online classes you can view and register for here (NOTE: JOIN THE ORGANIZATION TO RECEIVE ~ 50% DISCOUNT. )  Additionally, over the past several years many of the conference sessions have been recorded and are available for SG members to watch here.  Oh yea and I almost forgot to mention, the subscription to the site has been been cut by 50%! Thank you executive board members!   It's not often consumers and their wallets are considered.   


With the benefits of these invaluable organizations and the learning tools SimGHOSTS offers, there is little reason for failure.  If your are as passionate about simulation as I am, I'm sure you'll take full advantage these learning tools.  And as always, the SG team is open for questions and suggestions and ideas.