Blog post by SimGHOSTS board member Kirrian Steer.

Have you ever thought about simulation as experienced by other members of your team?

Think about the people you interact with at work. There are many roles represented – managers, educators, technicians, standardized patients (SPs), students and more. What are their thoughts, experiences and understanding of how people learn through simulation?

That is a question that ultimately helped to guide the development of SimEd. The primary aim of SimEd was to create a resource portal for simulation users. The SimEd team reached out to educators, technicians, SPs and students inviting them to contribute. Many generous people contributed resources from their simulation programs, but we also received many responses from those wanting to share their experiences of simulation.

I particularly enjoyed reading responses from students and SPs. It is interesting to look at simulation from their perspective and gain a greater appreciation of their experiences. I could feel a sense of pride in the students when they spoke about overcoming their fears and getting to the point where they can appreciate what a valuable learning experience simulation can be. There was an aspect of pride in the responses from the SPs as well. Some spoke of helping to create a safer health system and others spoke of better preparing health profession students for their future roles. Overwhelmingly the SPs felt that simulation is a way for them to give back to their community rather than just doing a job. I also noticed how much the SPs care not only about the student experience, but also how much they care about representing patients, carers and family members.

Start up a conversation with the simulation users that you work with and ask them about their experiences. Even better, write about your experiences and share it with others. SimGHOSTs would love to hear about it, and SimEd would too!