Points on simulators maintenance (SimTech view)


Blog post by SimGHOSTS MEA Officer Mohammad Alamar
King Fahad Medical City , Saudia Arabia, Riyadh

When we say “simulator maintenance”, most people think about fixing, assembly and disassembly of simulators, while the process involves many aspects to reach the real meaning of simulators maintenance. In this article, I will discuss those aspects and list general advice on each point of them from the best practice and experience in this field.

In general, maintaining simulators involve the following aspects:

1. Security

2. Functionality

3. Materials Integrity

4. Availability

5. Cleanness


1. Maintain security by:
Proper storage and cabinets.
Limit access and handling to authorize people.
Direct monitoring especially during sessions.
Use of security cameras.
Use of required warning signs.


2. Maintain functionality by:

  • Use simulator for its intended function e.g. (IV arm not to be used for suturing and basic Airway manikin not to be used in Cricothyrotomy).
  • Proper use and handling as per manufacture instructions.
  • Encourage users to benefit from the simulator to keep it functional e.g.(unused battery-containing manikins should be used more even).
  • Alternate usage between the available simulators.


3. Maintain materials Integrity by:

  • Treating as human
  • Use with respect
  • Use for intended purposes
  • Not to use excessive force
  • Not to use sharps on non-surgical models 
  • Not to use ink or markers
  • Not to use concentrated iodine or dye
  • No drinks or food beside manikins
  • Continuous prompt-maintenance and preventive maintenance 
  • Watch electrical safety


4. Maintain Availability by:

  • Monitor your inventory
  • Manage and track usage and loaning locations
  • Determine the future needs in advance
  • Keep spare parts available
  • Do not offer all available models for training (always keep one or 2 models in stock and alternate usage)


5. Maintain cleanness by:

  • Immediate cleaning after usage especially after blood and moulage.
  • Keeping them away from dust with Cabinets or Covers.
    • Before use:
      • Use proper recommended material in simulated blood, lubricant and moulage.
      • To be used with clean hands and gloves (like patients).
      • Use of baby- powder before the activity will decease staining from hands and dust. 
      • Use proper base cream before moulage like Vaseline.
      • Use prepared causality instead of apply-on.

      After use:

      • Clean skin with warm water on soft towel or gauze.
      • Use alcohol swap and rinse it with water on towel immediately.Use special rinsing solutions and creams e.g. crams come with moulage kit (e.g. Mehron), Acne Creams and makeup remover.



More advice:

Connect with your colleagues on www.SimGhosts.org and use the discussion forum to get more advices on such subject and discuss other practical needs.

Thank you!