Abstract Submission Deadline Extended ONE Week for USA Event. Australia Submissions Also Due!


USA Abstracts Deadline Extended Till Monday,
Australia Submissions Also Due ! 

Just a quick note to say that the USA Abstracts have been extended ONE week  -- so be sure to get your content in ASAP Sim Champs! The Australia and UK deadlines are also here so be sure to sign up now! Remember -- you get a DISCOUNT on your registration when you are accepted to present!

Due Dates:

USA (August 2nd-5th) - Extended Until February 8th!

AUS (July 5th-8th) - Due February 8th

UK (July 18th-20th) - Due February 15th

We are accepting proposals in the following categories:

  • Podium Presentations (20 minute, 50 minute or 110 minute lecture with photos, videos and demos)
  • Workshops (2 - 4 hour hands-on training course)
  • Poster Presentations ("Science Fair" type of explanation of project, program, research, etc)
  • DIY Contest Entry (live demonstration or online video of a technology hack, unique design or other project)

 Our topic categories for all events are:

  • Audiovisual Technology
  • Information Technology
  • Management
  • Medical/Clinical Topics
  • Moulage
  • Simulation Technology
Courses can also focus on education, standardized patients, patient safety, and professional development. We are also looking for presentations in VR, augmented reality, and other specialized technologies in 2016! Presentations can be of varying length: 20, 50 or 110 minutes; or a 4-hour workshop. We are looking for content that covers many experience levels, from Beginner to Advanced.

Accepted 20 minute proposals earn presenter $25 discount on event registration.
Accepted 50 or 110 minute proposals earn a $50 discount for one presenter.
Accepted 4-hour workshops earn a $50 discount for up to 3 presenters.


Presentation Proposal Links by Event:

SimGHOSTS 2016: Australia



Can't wait to see your courses this year!

-The SimGHOSTS Team


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