Let's modernize your debriefing rooms, lecture rooms and PBL rooms by switching to a wireless presentation system!


Blog post by SimGHOSTS board member Ferooz Sekandarpoor

You walk into the room with your laptop, and you need to give a presentation to your learners and students. You worked hard to prepare this presentation, added all the needed slides and photos, and expecting to breeze through them without any issue. You set your laptop on the table, turn on the projector, and then you notice that there is only VGA cable and your laptop no longer supports VGA cable or you have your Mac and you forgot to bring your dongle to connect to the projector or one of the VGA pin on the cable is bended and your screen doesn’t show the proper colors as result. I am sure everyone who reads this blog have faced or witnessed this problem.

BYOD “Bring Your Own Device” the new trend to allow people to use their own devices such as (iPad, iPhone, Google phone, laptop, and tablet) to present in any room and connect to the Internet all without any physical cable or dongle that we are used to.


There are many solutions out there but I personally recommend the following systems

  • Crestron AirMedia and WePresent.


 Here are the top Reasons that you need to switch to a wireless presentation system:

  • Get Rid Of The Cables - There is nothing worse than having a beautiful room, only to have the audio-visual system stick out like a sore thumb. A wireless system design makes your room look more elegant, makes your company appear more presentable, and makes the conference room users more comfortable in your rooms.
  • Make Your System Easy To Use – By having a wireless system you can easily connect to the network and have your presentation displayed using your own device. 
  • Multi-User Collaborative Meetings – Some of these systems allows up to 64 users to connect simultaneously making it a collaborative environment for presentation and learning. 
  • Present from any Device – Nowadays everyone own a mobile device and most institution moving towards BYOD. A wireless presentation system solve all that.
  • Mobile Tool - The wireless presentation system is small enough to be installed permanently into your AV system or could be carried and get connected to any LCD display or projector and still be able present wirelessly using their own devices.

Network configuration: