The Power of TeamSTEPPS for Both Healthcare Learners And Simulation Staff


Blog post by SimGHOSTS MEA Officer Valen Anderson, Sidra Medical and Research Center, Doha Qatar

Sidra Medical and Research Center is an ultramodern, all-digital academic medical center which will set new standards in patient care for women and children in Qatar, the Gulf region and internationally. It encompasses three essential missions: World-Class Patient Care, Medical Education and Biomedical Research. The organization is staffed with over 40 nationalities, crossing countless cultures and speaking at least a dozen languages. Because of the diverse group of clinical and non-clinical employees, the Sidra Simulation Team has been involved with rolling-out TeamSTEPPS to the ENTIRE organization. We have 1-2 courses a week with about 20-25 attendees per course. The plan is to have everyone through the “Essentials” or “Fundamentals” Course by the scheduled opening of the Out Patient Clinic on May 1, 2016. We are fortunate to have support from Sidra’s leadership: the CEO, Chief Medical Officer, and more. Our mission, much like the overarching TeamSTEPPS goal, is to create a common language at Sidra surrounding patient safety, share the TeamSTEPPS mental model, and provide communication strategies and tools for the organization.


Throughout our roll-out, one very interesting challenge has been to keep the course material consistent and standardized, while still managing to provide appropriate contexts for the various groups. Last week we hosted a course for members of the Sidra Labs (hematology, pathology, etc). We catered our examples, videos, vignettes, and scenarios to their departmental specialty (as using the typical ER scenarios would not be relevant to their roles and implemented as easily).

In a similar way, the Sidra Simulation team has been implementing the core concepts and tools of TeamSTEPPS into its every day routine. Every morning at 7:30AM our team joins together for the brief, to go through activities for the day, projects, concerns, etc. We allocate responsibilities, make action plans, and identify potential bumps in the road. Occasionally we will huddle in the middle of the work day, depending on what courses or simulations are running and whether we’ve encountered any issues. At 3PM every day, we regroup for the debrief, where we reconvene and reflect on the day: what went well, what didn’t, and plans for improvement. Finally, at the end of every week, we have a Plus Delta session where we go around and individually identify a positive ‘plus’ from the week and a ‘delta’ that we struggled with and can try and change. The Sidra Simulation team has the luxury of having over 10 members… which I know is more than triple the average sim team size! With a team of that size, these strategies seem to be useful for our day-to-day processes, but I’d be interested to know if other Sim Centers are using these TeamSTEPPS tools in their daily routine. It has been helpful to us, but I can imagine it will become even more helpful as we continue moving towards the opening of our Out Patient Clinic!