My Favorite Feature in a Scenario Template


Blog post by SimGHOSTS Australia Officer Kirrian Steer

There are hundreds if not thousands of scenario templates around. A quick search online will get you at least a dozen within the first couple of pages on Google. Most of us make our own version, taking what we like from each one and tweaking them until we have something we are happy with.

Different simulation programs will all need different scenario templates. There are differences in equipment, consumables, learners, faculty and curriculum. I have two that I like to use, one for manikin based scenarios and one for SP scenarios. There is one feature that I came across that I have added to both, and I really like it. I didn’t find this on another template, I found it in a journal article. The article can be found here and my adaptation of the feature is below.

You can change the emotions in the column on the left to whatever is going to work for your program. I find that whoever is doing ‘voice of manikin’ or the SP really appreciate having a guide for how to portray the role. The last thing they want to do is over-act or under-act, and if you haven’t seen or experienced medical conditions before it is really difficult to know how far to take the emotional responses.

If you like it, go ahead and tweak your scenario template by adding this to it.