Microphone and Voice Configuration for SimMan 3G


Blog post by SimGHOSTS board member Nick Brauer.

SimMan 3G has a various methods for configuring the microphones and sound to and from the computer/manikin.   If the settings and configurations are not properly set then the audio will likely be less than desirable.   Follow the procedures below to properly set and adjust levels.

Step 1: What type of microphone and speakers are to be used with the instructor PC?

A. Headphone and Microphone Combo

1) Input = one 3.5mm plug
2) Input = two 3.5mm plug

The goal is to determine the correct port on the computer.  Many have multiple inputs that accept only mic or only speaker and one input that accepts both.


Step 2: Configure PC microphone

A. Right-Click Volume and select “Recording Devices”


B. Choose “Microphone” and then “Configure”

C. Select “Setup Microphone” and choose if you’re using a headset, desktop mic etc….




D. Follow steps  -  Read/Record/and Set


Step 3:  Adjust SimMan Voice Conference Application

This Laerdal app allows the user to further adjust the computers and manikin’s mics and speakers.

A. Go to “Options” and select “Configure”
B. Adjust volumes up or down to meet requirements (Instructor Audio vs Manikin Audio)



* If a 3rd party AV system is being used in conjunction with SM then settings will vary i.e. mute manikin mic and instructor speaker.