subscribers can now register for the self-directed learning course HSTS402-C1 "Network Models, Cabling, and Topologies"

03/31/2016 subscribers can now register for the self-directed learning course HSTS402-C1 "Network Models, Cabling, and Topologies"

Instructor Bio:

James Cypert joined SimGHOSTS as a leading healthcare simulation professional with over 25 years experience in the information technology technical education and training industry, and over 6 years of experience dedicated to bring that knowledge to bear in healthcare simulation environments. Providing SimGHOSTS with leadership during critical transition phases into the global arena. A power advocate for healthcare simulation with advanced degrees in Psychology and Information Technology, combined with over 20 years experience as a skilled technical educator James provides a unique perspective towards technology adoption, integration, and the barriers that often plague that process. Series Title: HSTS402 - Networking Fundamentals for the Healthcare Professional.

Series Description:

This 8 course series guides students through the fundamentals of networking theory, terminology, and concepts that are the base for understanding networking and its application to healthcare education, training, and simulation. This course prepares students for the networking aspects of the SSH CHSOS Certification Exam, as well as the internationally recognized CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam. The average salaries of those with a Network+ Certification $40-100K annually. SimGHOSTS is offering this course. Take advantage now and prepare yourself to be the network geek in your organization. Course Title: HSTS402-C1 - Network Models, Cabling, and Topologies.

Course Description:

This is course one of the Networking Fundamentals for Healthcare Simulation Professionals Series which covers objectives for the CHSOS Domain II; Students will be introduced to the major concepts behind of information technology networking and the systems, components, and software that make it possible. Students will begin to acquire technical knowledge that is critical to the management, administration, proper maintenance, and care of information technology networks. Learning outcomes are associated with the CompTIA Network+ Certification N10-005, and elements of the CompTIA Healthcare IT certification HIT-001. Participants will be exposed fundamentals in information technology network process and theory that are necessary to succeed in any discipline in the information technology field.

Course Learning Objectives:

  • Students will be able to report on the purpose and function of network models, topologies, and protocols, and physical components that make up common networks.
  • Students will be able to report on routing, naming, and securing modern network using the TCP/IP suite of protocols.
  • Students will be able to report on the protection, management, and troubleshooting of network components and applications.
  • Students will be able to report on the concepts and standards that make up wireless networking, and methods to implement and troubleshoot wireless connectivity.