SG16UK TraumaFX Comprehensive Moulage Pre-Con Workshop


SimGHOSTS / ASPiH 2016 UK Pre-Con Moulage Workshop 


P4 - TraumaFX Comprehensive Moulage Workshop - £75

This is an intensive 4-hour session concentrating on 3 key casualty simulation skills, focusing on live active demonstrations and group and individual practical sessions, using quality products and clever techniques, all make-up effects can be used on role play actors or mannequin patient simulators.

  • Session 1: Bruising and Swelling Applications
  • Session 2: SIMWOUNDS & SIMSCULPT Applications, Blood Effects
  • Session 3: Flash Burns and Blisters

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify moulage techniques suitable for live role players or manikins
  • Describe possible uses for SIMWOUNDS and SIMSCULPT
  • Explain bruising moulage techniques

This extended pre-con session allow participants to get an in-depth, hands-on moulage experience. Space is limited for this exciting and informative workshop so register HERE today!