Which TED Talk Resonates with You the Most?


Blog post by SimGHOSTS Australia Officer Kirrian Steer

My manager recently added a new standing agenda item to our monthly team meetings. Each month, one team member will introduce a TED talk and the team will watch it. It doesn’t have to relate to our work, just something that resonates with us personally. My first reaction was “Yay!” my second reaction was “How on Earth am I going to choose a favorite? Luckily a colleague volunteered for the first one, but I got the April meeting so now I need to choose the talk that best resonates with me. I work in a team that don’t know much about simulation, some of them have never even heard of it. So I decided to find a TED talk that would help them to understand what it is that I love about simulation.

I regularly watch TED talks while I’m doing my cardio workouts at the gym, or listen to them while I am driving long distances, but I couldn’t remember ever viewing one about simulation. I went to the TEDx YouTube channel and entered simulation into the search function. This lead me down the rabbit hole of interesting talks and getting seriously side-tracked as I found some great examples of simulation across many different industries. Some of the healthcare talks I found were Marian McCarthy’s talk on the Ultimate Simulator and Patricia Thomas speaking about Revulotionalizing Nursing Education. These presentations were good at explaining the how and why of simulation, but didn’t really resonate with me personally. 

 I watched presentations about gamification, technology in health, quality and safety in healthcare and they all relate somehow to simulation technology, but still weren’t quite what I was looking for. In the end, the talk that spoke to me most was about haptics from Carla Pugh from the TEDMED program. I’m not going to give away too much, but I’m sure it will speak to every simulation technologist in some way.