TechCrunch Shares Smallest Arduino Computer Yet


TechCrunch Shares Smallest Arduino Computer Yet


Have you seen how small these devices are getting? Check out this recent post featured on TechCrunch about a tiny Arduino computer that is the size of an AA battery!

"Based on the Tiny328, AAduino takes the platform to its sexiest form factor yet: Turning a three-AA battery holder with two batteries in it — the third battery compartment holds the AAduino — into a powerful, yet diminutive computing platform that fits in the palm of even the smallest hands."

AAduino pretends to be a battery?

"The truly ingenious thing about using the form factor of an AA battery is that by wiring it in “backwards” (i.e. with the + and – poles reversed), the AAduino can pretend to be a battery itself, and be powered by the batteries that are resting by its side."

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