It's Simulation Week!


Blog post by SimGHOSTS AUS Officer Kirrian Steer

It’s Simulation Week!

Simulation Australasia is celebrating Simulation Week from May 2-8!  This is an opportunity for everyone around the world who is involved in any type of simulation to celebrate their successes, promote their accomplishments and contribute to the future development of simulation.

I get excited about Simulation Week because it is about celebrating all aspects of simulation across many industries. Have you ever thought about how how simulation is applied in other industries? This might inspire innovation in your own field. For example, some of the stories shared last year included virtual reality games, animatronics used in theme park exhibits and amusement park rides, aviation simulation, defense simulation, and healthcare simulation. The size and scale of simulations varies from small rural programs to the United Nations and NASA. Where could you take your program if you were able to introduce technology or an idea from another industry?

An important aspect of Simulation Week is that it gives an opportunity for those in the technical or operational roles to be able to highlight their contribution to the simulation community. Last year, the role of the simulation technologist was featured in a great piece by a simulation laboratory coordinator in Florida. Rodney Wade discussed how he has seen technology changed in his time as a simulation technologist and how he is now using technology to run simulations remotely as a result of one of his innovations.

Make sure you visit the site during Simulation Week so that you can support your simulation colleagues around the world and maybe even learn something new about simulation. It would be great if fellow SimGHOSTs community members could submit images or video with an accompanying text explaining their simulation achievements, programs and innovations. Details about how to submit can be found on the Simulation Week website.