It's that wonderful time of the year!


Blog post by SimGHOSTS board member Lizzy Wooley

Just like many other simulation centers, our financial year starts in July. That being said, now it is the time to wrap up the year and ready for the new year. While every institute might have different way of closing up the year, I would like to talk about what I do in our simulation center.

1) Inventory Check

One of the most important things we need to make sure to run the lab is the inventory level. This checking process isn’t same as just keeping records monthly and purchase supplies as we go. At the end of the year, I send out email to the class instructors asking if there are any additional supplies they would like to add for the new year, as well as to stock up the general disposables about same amount from the last year to begin with.

2) Orientation Schedule

As the new academic year begins, the UME and GME program are in need of orientations for students and residents and they usually require full one to two days training. This type of training is only once a year that the UME, GME coordinators should be notified to schedule with sim center at least 2 months in advance.

3) New Onboarding Staff Training

If you are working in a hospital environment, there will be more clinical staff onboarding at the beginning of the year which means there will be more training sessions. Be sure to check with the instructors last year so they can provide you the future training plans at the earliest convenience.

4) Annual Report

The most important thing for the end of the year is the annual report. It is time to summarize what you’ve accomplished throughout the year. Also this is the place where you can finally utilize all the data you’ve been collecting such as the number of learners, learning hours, lab usage hours, and the number of activities. In the report, you may create the content on the growth of the year compared to the last year, new courses of the year, and the highlights etc.

5) Feedback Reassessment

The end of year is the good time to go through the evaluations you’ve been collecting and reassess the program discussing how to make it better. There are lots of courses repeating same yearly and they can be improved every year. We should make sure feedbacks are collected from the learners as well as the instructors.

Thank you for reading and good luck with closing year with great results!