"Advancing Your Simulation Technology Specialist Career" Webinar Now Available


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Our latest webinar, "Advancing Your Simulation Technology Specialist Career" aimed to provide practical tips for the new and mid-career level Simulation Technician.  Presenter Jeremiah Avarana M.Engr, M.Ed used practical examples from the earlier part of his career to the current to discuss how to work through sometimes difficult work flow dynamics and how the role of the Simulation Technician can be integral in bridging gaps to good simulation practices and operations.

About the Instructor:

Jeremiah Avarana, M.Engr, M.Ed. Jeremiah Avarana is currently a Simulation Technician at Tarrant County College’s (TCC) Department of Nursing supporting ADN- level simulation. He has worked as a Simulation Technician for 3.5 years total with experience in BSN and MSN simulation as well. Before simulation, Jeremiah completed advanced degrees in biomedical engineering and education with little clue of where it would one day take him. Healthcare simulation has answered that question. In his role, he has performed set-up and tear down of all nursing specialty simulations, programmed scenarios, taught faculty how to operate, set-up task trainers, acted in simulation productions, acted as standardized patient, and developed moulage for high-stakes and disaster simulation. His passion is to see the Simulation Technician role become a commonplace in every major simulation program and be a part of Simulation Technician training. 

Previous webinars available also include:

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