Omnicell Scholarship Winners Announced!



The Gathering of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists (SimGHOSTS) has partnered with Omnicell to provide a scholarship to the SimGHOSTS 2016 event (August 2nd through 5th) at the Jump Trading Simulation & Education Center in Peoria, IL.

The scholarship review team was happy to announce that Monica Sharik, along with two other coworkers, from Memorial Center for Learning and Innovation were awarded the $2500 scholarship to help enable their team to attend the 2016 USA event. 

Monica's application impressed the review team because of her clear passion for simulation technology and her willingness to share the prize with your colleagues at Memorial Center for Learning and Innovation. It's team players like Monica that allow simulation technology opportunities to grow and evolve for everyone. It was stiff competition this year, as our scholarship applications received more applications than we ever have before. Congratulations to Monica and the Memorial Center Team!

Some Inspiring Words from Monica:

"As a Simulation Specialist for the past 5 years I have aided in multiple multi‐disciplinary simulations, curriculum and process development and a simulation specialist training workshop. Most of my simulation career was spent as a simulation specialist at Jump Trading Simulation and Education Center, but most recently have transitioned to a new position at Memorial Center for Learning and Innovation where I will continue to grow my simulation skills and knowledge. When I first started or learned about what simulation is I was working as a HealthStream Admin for my hospitals Organizational Development department.

I learned a lot about virtual simulation via HealthStream but it wasn't till I was approached by my management with the opportunity to go to a Simulation Technician class hosted at Northwestern Feinburg School of Medicine in Chicago did I really realize what true simulation entailed and how big of an impact on learning it can make for learners. It was a three day crash course training and after I left and returned back to my hospital, I knew what I wanted to do for a career. I knew simulation and healthcare education was my passion and I really could make a difference through the training I help provide to med students, residents, nurses and all hospital staff. I know that I have so much more to learn in this field and am excited to continue learning through interacting and networking with others via forums and conferences like SimGHOSTS. Medical education and simulation is not only my career but also my passion!"

About Omnicell

Omnicell (NASDAQ: OMCL) is a leading developer and manufacturer of medication and supply automation solutions and a proud supporter of nursing education and medical simulation. Omnicell continues its support of the SimGHOSTS meeting by providing one $2500 non-transferable scholarship to an individual/institution in need. This scholarship is designed to support participation in the development and advancement of those operating or teaching within a medical simulation lab through the payment of conference registration, travel and accommodation costs. 

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