Pocket Nurse Scholarship SimGHOSTS 2016 USA Winners Announced!



Once again, Pocket Nurse has partnered with The Gathering of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists (SimGHOSTS) to provide scholarships to the 2016 USA Event August 2nd- 5th at the Jump Trading Simulation & Education Center in Peoria, IL. Learn more about this meeting designed to specifically support simulation technology specialists by visiting the SimGHOSTS 2016 USA Event Page!

Today the SimGHOSTS scholarship team is happy to announce Todd Hillman, from Idaho State University, and Howard Harris, from George Brown College, via his manager Michael Eliadis. Congratulations to Todd and Howard, who are each receiving $1500 each to attend SimGHOSTS 2016 USA at the Jump Trading Simulation Center!

Pocket Nurse (www.PocketNurse.com) is the world's leading supplier of medical supplies for education and simulation and a proud supporter of those operating medical simulation labs. For the third year in a row, Pocket Nurse is continuing its sponsorship of the SimGHOSTS symposium by providing two $1,500 scholarships to individuals/institutions in need. These scholarships are designed to support participation in the development and advancement of those operating medical simulation labs.

Selection and Awards Scholarship applications were reviewed by SimGHOSTS staff based on the submitted documents. Awards were provided to applicants who clearly demonstrated an immediate need to support their program's simulation team.

Some words from Todd Hillman:

I want to attend SimGHOSTS 2016 USA because I have never been to a simulation conference. I've been participating in simulation for just over three years now, and have only received minimal training. Having the opportunity to meet, and network with individuals that participate in simulation is exciting. There are a lot of sessions that seem really interesting, and beneficial to enhancing my current skills. Our program is starting to use more and more simulations; I feel the experience I can gain from attending this conference will make a great impact for both our students, and faculty that participate in simulation at our university.

Some words from Howard's Manager, Michael Eliadis

While I would like to attend, I am submitting on behalf of my colleague Howard Harris. In all honesty Howard doesn't have the time to search out opportunities such as this as his work day consists of 08:00‐17:00 in the sim‐lab. As a result I am advocating on his behalf (which he is unaware of). Howard has been a Simulation Technologist here at George Brown College since 2009. As I am relatively new to the college I see all the hard work he has done getting this simulation program off the ground. He has done so "flying by the seat of his pants" with no formal training or guidance.

Often the Technologists are overlooked for funding here to attend conferences or Professional Development opportunities for a wide array of reasons. Constantly put off due to a "lack of funding" Howard soldiers on, day by day being innovative and creative in running simulations, fixing equipment, enhancing process, advocating for the increased use of simulation and finally interacting with faculty and students about their experiences in the labs and the entire centre. While always willing to help, as we know typically the Technologists are the first to receive blame for something not working correctly. Howard always takes this in stride not taking things personally and repairing what went wrong in faculty's eyes.

Howard's determination to make the lab function more efficiently with a positive learning experience with minimal training is why I believe he should be a recipient of one of the scholarships to attend the conference.

About the Scholarship Sponsor

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