SimGHOSTS Affiliate Update


Blog post by SimGHOSTS Community Director Nick Brauer

SimGHOSTS Affiliate Update

Over the past couple years SimGHOSTS (SG) has reached out to and partnered with other simulation and healthcare-related organizations. While each partner is unique and based around the globe, we all have a common theme, improve healthcare learning and patient care outcomes. The SG team strategically teamed-up with leading organizations and while there may be joint events, each affiliate moves forward with their own agenda.  At SimGHOSTS, we fully support each affiliate and will therefore provide regular updates to our community. Below is the latest news from each.

ASPiH: Association for Simulated Practice in Healthcare

  1. Launch of the 2nd Consultation of the ASPiH Standards for SBE, an online questionnaire and plans for national pilot sites selected from our Institutional members.
  2. Professional Registration for skills and simulation technicians, potential for Simulation technicians across Europe and USA to also apply for registration in the future. 
  3. ASPiH 2016 Bristol – Registration is now open and we have launched our brand new conference website.

SSH: Society for Simulation in Healthcare

  1. Now Available! First-ever Healthcare Simulation Dictionary released June 2016.
  2. Registration for the APMSH (Asia-Pacific Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare) opens soon for Nov 15 - 17.


IPSS: International Pediatric Simulation Society

  • 9th International meeting to be held in Boston May 2017


Simulation Australasia

1. Join Australian Society for Simulation in Healthcare at Australasian Simulation Congress, 26 – 29 September 2016.


ASPE: Association for Standardize Patient Educators

  1. 2016 Annual Conference to be held June 26 – 29 in Tampa, Florida. Registration is open.
  2. Join the Mentor or Mentee program in 2016 - develop a mutually collaborative and professional relationship for proactive growth and learning