SG16UK Silver Sponsors: SIMStation & Laerdal Medical


SimGHOSTS / ASPiH 2016 UK Silver Sponsors: SIMStation and Laerdal Medical


SIMStation Sessions at SG16UK:

  • D3 - Plug’n Simulate – Set Up A High-End AV Recording & Debriefing System in Just 15 Minutes?
    • SIMStation’s aim is to set new standards in the field of audio/video recording and debriefing for simulation. Our clients agree that in AV quality and ease-of-use, SIMStation outperforms even the most complex AV installations in fixed simulation facilities. Moreover, you won't believe how extremely easy SIMStation is to set up at any training location. SIMStation is not only the ideal choice for in-situ trainings, but also for fixed simulation centers who are considering affordable AV-systems. In this session our team will demonstrate how the SIMStation system can be set up in 15 minutes, followed by a live, multi-room, mobile simulation scenario and a debriefing, controlled by SIMStation’s unique and innovative debriefing tablet including live audience feedback. Must attend course for those looking for in-situ and new A/V recording systems!

About SIMStation

SIMStation is a European manufacturer of Audio-Video debriefing systems, suitable both for fixed simulation centres and mobile in-situ trainings. Our mission is to provide innovative, simple-to-handle systems with highest quality standards; thus giving our clients the possibility to take their simulation programme to a new level of effectiveness.

SIMStation provides a very easy-to-use monitoring and recording software with highest video and audio quality and almost zero delay in live transmission, completed by innovative tablet-based apps for annotation and debriefing. Moreover, the integration of our hardware in simulation centers couldn’t be easier, as it only requires a single network

We have been implementing our systems in major simulation centres throughout Europe since 2012, including London, Paris, Munich, Zurich, Luxembourg, Vienna and Bucharest. cable connection between the training, control and debriefing rooms.

To learn more, visit the SIMStation website


Laerdal Medical Sessions at SG16UK:

  • D2 - The Things That Nobody Shows You (Until Today): Laerdal Medical
    • Of course we have all read the directions for use from cover to cover. We remember every word the engineer uttered during the commissioning of the equipment. Well for those of us that haven't or don't, this session should come in handy. The Laerdal Services Team will run through a selection of hints and tips to enable you to get the best out of your simulator. It will include items that defiantly are not in the DFU!

About Laerdal Medical

Laerdal Medical is a global corporation dedicated to helping save lives through the advancement of the cause of resuscitation and emergency care. The vision of Laerdal is that no-one should die or be disabled unnecessarily during birth or from sudden illness or trauma.

Since its creation of the pioneering, and now world famous CPR practise manikin in 1960, the Resusci Anne; many more innovative products have followed to improve and support education for Healthcare Professionals around the world, as well as facilitate the spread of CPR knowledge and skills to the would be Samaritan in the wider lay community.

Laerdal has developed break-through technologies that have helped to define its portfolio of simulation, micro-simulation, virtual reality, automated external defibrillators and emergency therapeutic products as reputable market leaders. Other well known brands include SimMan, SimBaby, SimNewB, HeartStart, Q-CPR, Stifneck, the Pocket Mask and BaXstrap.

To learn more, visit the Laerdal Medical website