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About Nordic Simulators

Nordic Simulators Oy is a Finnish company, which is specialized on simulation training facilities and audiovisual technology for recording the events. We utilize 3-D modeling while designing the functional, state of the art simulation premises, using the latest AV-technology to capture video and sound. As an efficient, modern learning tool, simulation is perfect training method for medicine/healthcare, rescue, military and security education. Our experience in designing, planning and executing simulation facility projects ensures the best result, both from technological and pedagogical aspect. With the latest technology and our skilled staff, Nordic Simulators Oy is offering high quality and functional simulation experiences to our customers.

Learn more by visiting the Nordic Simulators website

About Gaumard

Gaumard Scientific Company has designed and marketed simulators for healthcare education for more than 60 years worldwide.The military emergency medical services major teaching hospitals and nursing schools recognize Gaumard products for their innovation in simulation in the prehospital obstetric and gynecology surgical and nursing care segments.

In 2000, Gaumard launched their revolutionary family of Noelle maternal and neonatal care simulators that changed the way training is conducted. In 2004 Gaumard were the first to develop the use of fully tetherless technology with the introduction of the family of HAL simulators.In 2014 the company presented Victoria it's most advanced mobile maternal/ fetal simulator as part of the Noelle family. Gaumard manufactures it's products at its world headquarters in Miami.

The company sells simulators through it's own representatives in North America and through 200 distributors in 70 countries.

Learn more by visiting the Gaumard website

About Simulab

Simulab is a practical engineering and manufacturing company—with a bit of mad scientist thrown in for good measure. Our goal over the past 22 years has been to create easy-to-use, portable, affordable, and clinically-relevant substitutes for both animal and human subjects used in medical training. And we have succeeded.

TraumaMan® and CentraLineMan™ are the most widely used trainers, worldwide, in their respective fields. But the best is never good enough. Simulab is constantly pushing the bounds of human realism. Our mission is to create a human mimic so perfect that participants will feel truly immersed —in every procedural training. Each day we get a little closer.

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