Standards of Practice


Blog post by SimGHOSTS community director Nick Brauer

Standards of Practice

As simulation programs grow and mature around the globe standards or practice evolve. Hopefully the evolution is for the better while understandably it may not be. Growing pains and learning curves are to be expected. Oftentimes program development is directed towards students and faculty in academia settings but I’d argue simulation operations is constantly changing, growing and stretching. This morphing process is a direct result of ever-changing technology. With limited support and options for career development how does one maintain competency?

For starters, if you are reading this at you have a statistically higher chance of learning and maintaining standards. Just in case you have not heard, there are various symposiums occurring around the globe this summer. SG also offers online courses as well as previous conference workshops if travel is cost prohibitive.

What are the standards for operations and who sets them? You? Me? Manufacturers? Other organizations? Collectively we are all discovering and setting the norms. What are you doing now as a result of a previous failure? Have you shared this with the sim community? It’s likely others may need your help because they have not “figured it out”. PLEASE use the forum and post your questions &/or respond to others.

In the theme of setting standards – What is your standard of providing images to participants during a simulation? (To assist in setting standards go to the forums page and respond: SIM LAB OPERATIONS SETTING STANDARDS: LABS AND IMAGING)

  1. Digital image transfer
  2. Images/labs in a room drawer
  3. Images/labs handed to participant as requested
  4. Images/labs are not available

All in all we are discovering what works and what doesn’t. Step up and be a leader in the tech world! You may not think you’re an expert but to many learners and faculty you are.