Easter Eggs...in Laerdal's LLEAP Software


Blog post by SimGHSOTS USA Officer Mark Johanneck

Wikipedia defines Easter Eggs as “An intentional inside joke, hidden message, or feature in an interactive work such as a computer program, video game or DVD menu screen. The name is used to evoke the idea of a traditional Easter egg hunt.”

Whatis.techtarget.com defines an Easter Egg as “An unexpected surprise -- an undocumented procedure or unauthorized feature that's playful in nature or gives credit to the software developer or chip designer. Like their namesakes, Easter Eggs can be quite elusive and hard to find.”

This week I believe my co-worker accidentally discovered an Easter Egg in Laerdal’s LLEAP software. As he was getting more familiar with the software after our recent upgrade to LLEAP he happened to click on the nasal passage in the Airway & Breathing tab. To his surprise our 3G sneezed. When he told me that SimMan© 3G was sneezing I informed him that 3G does not sneeze and he must have heard someone else in the area sneeze and simply thought it was the manikin. Then he showed me and sure enough, 3G made a sneezing noise. We tested it multiple times and 3G definitely sneezes.

Confused I started to dig in a little bit wondering if this was a sound I had simply over looked in the past. I looked on the instructor interface and there is no option for sneeze. I dug deeper and went into the “simulation files” and searched through all of the vocals sounds and there is no sneeze listed. I did a file search through all of the simulation files for the word sneeze and still came back empty. I searched through the LLEAP help files and could find no mention of sneeze. I eventually called tech support and explained what I had found and asked if they were aware that 3G can sneeze. They told me that they had never heard of that before but he tested it on his computer and sure enough he was able to recreate the sneeze. This was news to the people at tech support too.

As we continued to test our new found discovery we were able to repeatedly make our manikin sneeze. For added realism on 3G he closes his eyes when he sneezes. Not only does he sneeze but it gets logged into the session log. We tested it on our SimBaby© and our SimJunior© and they both sneezed too.

We have also discovered that the amount of time between when you click on the nasal passage and when the manikin actually sneezes varies. Sometimes it’s fairly quick, two or three seconds, and sometimes it takes closer to thirty seconds. As far as I can tell you have to click on the nasal passage when the manikin is inhaling as indicated by the airway lighting up blue.

This begs the question, are there other Easter Eggs buried in the software? Are programmers from other manufacturers hiding Easter Eggs in their software? Have any other Simulation Techs/Specialists discovered any other hidden treasures in any manikin or VR software?

Let the hunt begin!!