SG16USA Gold Sponsor: Level 3 Healthcare


SG16USA Gold Sponsor: Level 3 Healthcare



Level 3 Healthcare Sponsored Plenary Address 

To Boldly Go - The Past, Present, and Future of Healthcare Simulation 

Lance Baily, Founder & Development Director, SimGHOSTS

Lance Baily is an innovator and thought leader in the world of healthcare simulation. Using his background in digital media production and EMS fire fighting, as well as his work as a Simulation Technology Specialist, Lance founded several of the world's leading websites, organizations, and events in the field of healthcare simulation. Lance also served as the inaugural Director of the Nevada System of Higher Education's massive multi-institutional Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas. Desiring to make a global impact, Lance founded what has medical simulation resource website:

Never satisfied with the status quo, Lance went on to create, a non-profit organization that supports professionals in the healthcare simulation industry through hands-on training events, online resources, and professional development. Because of overwhelming global demand, SimGHOSTS now operates four annual events, including ones in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates. SimGHOSTS has also forged successful affiliations with simulation organizations all over the world, including SSH, ASPE, ASPiH, Simulation Australia, and IPSS. In a drive to create excellence, SimGHOSTS has recently partnered with INACSL to develop a new professional competency standard for the position of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialist.

Lance continues to be a change-maker and innovator in the field of healthcare simulation. All of his projects and efforts are based on a core belief: that emerging technology can create community and empower people to solve bigger problems faster.

Plenary Address Abstract:

In his best selling book Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell examines the factors that contribute to high levels of success. Gladwell considers why the majority of Canadian ice hockey players are born in the first few months of the year, how Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates achieved his extreme wealth, and why the Beatles became one of the most successful musical acts in human history. Throughout his book, Gladwell theorizes how historical and cultural circumstances can pave the way for such phenomenal success.

What can the healthcare simulation industry learn from a similar of exploration of its own past, present, and future? Simulation Evangelist Lance Baily has applied Gladwell's theories to our industry and will explain why his projects, including and, have made such huge global impacts in just five short years. By understanding the core truths behind the success of these projects, participants will take away valuable arguments they can use to advocate for the expanded use of simulation in their own home institutions.

Finally, Lance will explore how the historical and cultural forces that are now in motion will transform healthcare simulation as we know it from a small community of early-adopters to a universal standard embraced by all.


Level 3 Healthcare Sessions:

  • C2 - AV9000 – Introduction to AV Quality Management
    • Join Level 3 Healthcare’s COO, Jeremy Elsesser as he walks you through what you need to know for AV9000 quality assurance in your simulation center. In this class we will explain the importance of a thorough checklist, how to troubleshoot and complete an AV9000 audit on your simulation equipment and the questions you should be asking other AV integrators to make sure you get the best quality with your purchase.
  • D2 - Termination 2.0 by Level 3 Healthcare
    • Level 3 Healthcare returns for round two of a hands on demonstration for cable termination. If you missed last year’s class at Simghosts 2015 this is your chance to get hands on experience with a soldering iron from the experts in AV simulation integration. 
  • V2 - Meet your vendor

About Level 3 Healthcare

Level 3 Healthcare is a customer focused group of healthcare engineers trained in the process of integrating current audio visual technology to existing healthcare work spaces, clinical training centers and simulation labs.


Level 3 Healthcare provides advanced multimedia solutions in surgical environments, OR’s, ER’s, ED’s and simulation centers. This healthcare engineering group has pioneered designs in large simulation centers, digital operating rooms, telehealth, live HD video distribution, 3-D surgical theaters, recording, archiving, content management and video media retrieval systems. Level 3 Healthcare’s core competency is integrating the myriad of healthcare, simulation, broadcast and professional technology into a seamless, easy to use system, curriculum or application. Our approach is to work directly with our clients to understand their use and curriculum and then apply technology to improve efficiency, work flow and learning. Examples of our applications include; intraoperative surgical suites, digital O.R.’s, nursing simulation centers, procedure rooms, 3-D visualization facilities, clinical AV networks, campus-wide central recording systems and

Level 3 Healthcare was founded as a division of Level 3 Audio Visual who has been well established in the commercial industry since 1996. Level 3 AV had been working with a major medical university on their classroom presentation technology when they were presented with a challenge from the Dean of Anatomy. Level 3 was asked to design and build a cordless, wireless, mobile HD video cart for their anatomy lab. The Dean and his faculty had several uses in mind for this cart but Its main purpose was to capture high definition, live video from a cadaver. It would than transmit that video to an AV head that would store, record and meta tag the captured video. It also had the capability to simultaneously transmit the video out to twenty, high definition LCD monitors dispersed around the lab as well as to a secondary lab across campus. Another purpose of this cart was for the creation of video text books that could be produced and stored

The creation and use of this cart was a major success for both Level 3 Healthcare as well as the Medical University and it quickly proved to improve test scores as well as enrollment. video conferencing initiatives for collaboration and critical decision making. online as an additional reference for the medical staff and students.

To learn more, visit the Level 3 Healthcare website