SG16USA Gold Sponsor: SIMnext


SG16USA Gold Sponsor: SIMnext  



SIMnext Sponsored Keynote Address

Jump Simulation Innovation

John Vozenilek, MD, FACEP Vice President and Chief Medical Officer for Simulation Jump Simulation

Prior to his appointment as Vice President and Chief Medical Officer for Simulation for the Jump Trading Simulation & Education Center, "Dr. Voz" was the Director of Simulation Technology and Immersive Learning program for the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University where he provided central coordination and oversight for the undergraduate, graduate, interdisciplinary, and continuing medical education programs.

Under his direction, the medical school created additional organizational capabilities and infrastructure, building resources for educators who wish to use additional innovative learning technologies for teaching and assessment, measuring success with patient-based outcomes research.

In May of 2008, Dr. Vozenilek co-chaired the first Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)-sponsored national consensus conference on using simulation research to define and develop clinical expertise. In his work at Northwestern he served as faculty for the Institute for Healthcare Research and its Center for Patient Safety, and continues to teach within its master's degree program in health care quality and safety.

He is currently the chair of the Simulation Academy within the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine and the Chair of the American Board of Medical Specialties Working Group on the use of Simulation for Maintenance of Board Certification for practicing physicians.

His use of simulation and research has included delivery of training and assessment of technical and non-technical competencies, and the use of simulation to emulate a clinical environment for work flow and process change, including electronic health care records (e.g. handoff and inter-hospital patient transfers).

These projects demonstrate his expertise in the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to create and sustain simulations for clinical environments and produce meaningful interventions with enhance health care reliability.



SIMnext Sponsored DIY Project Showcase & Poster Exhibition

A chance for you and your colleagues to share projects, programs, best practices and more! We'll be handing out an audience-selected "People's Choice" Award as well as an SimGHOSTS "Best In Show" Award!

Poster & Project Submissions still being accepted here!



SIMnext Sessions: 

  • C3 - SIMnext Session
    • Representatives from SimNext will present on their company's formation, growth and plans for the future of task trainer and mobile simulation solutions.



About SIMnext

As a member of the OSF HealthCare and Jump Trading network of brands, SIMnext is the team of product architects developing new technology and product solutions to leverage within our corporate structure and to license to the healthcare industry through our network of manufacturing and distribution partners. Because OSF is a working healthcare enterprise and is continually generating new patient data, we are able to provide data-driven and fully tested product solutions that offer the most realistic and portable simulation in the market.

Our partners are facing a changing healthcare landscape that is becoming more and more accepting of simulation technologies and is beginning to look for the next generation of product solutions as the industry continues to expand. SIMnext is a medical simulation brand, and we will concern ourselves with the issues and challenges facing our partners in healthcare simulation and training, as well as those impacted by issues in the industry. Our unique access to patient data and industry expertise offer us unique insights, and we will always strive to use this advantage to the benefit of our partners and the healthcare industry.

This is an exciting time for simulation training. As new simulation innovations develop in healthcare and in outside industries, the industry will continue to expand and offer new challenges as well as new opportunities for growth. There are new trails to be blazed and ideas to pursue that will make healthcare around the world stronger and more effective. The SIMnext team of the experts and our network of partners are committed to providing thought leadership wherever and whenever possible to expand the value of simulation and improve patient outcomes across the industry.

To learn more, visit the SIMnext website