SG16USA Silver Sponsors


SimGHOSTS 2016 USA Silver Sponsors: Vosaic and Lecat's Ventriloscope


About Vosaic

Vosaic (Formerly Studiocode) helps researchers, educators, and learners gain insight to improve performance. The Vosaic suite of products empowers you to analyze and explore video to further performance. Tagging, coding, and collaborating through video integration increases efficiencies and guides you to discover and uncover deeper meaning. Video is an invaluable tool for research and learning opportunities. Our video analysis software lets you interpret the multi-faceted elements of video while identifying patterns that form a comprehensive picture. Creating clarity around results and discovering trends that may not be otherwise immediately apparent can lead to more robust outcomes. Our passion for video analysis means that we are fully invested in all the fields our users work in. We understand your unique needs and that helps drive product utilization, ensuring that you’re maximizing the features of the Vosaic products to produce your best results. Improve patient outcomes through video-based training with clear feedback in training simulations for medical practitioners. Enhance research, pedagogy, and multidisciplinary analysis. Collect, analyze, and distribute collaborative and comparative data. Vosaic is used extensively within quantitative and qualitative research, especially where human factors are important. Supported by iCoda, professional and educational research groups are empowered to collect, analyze and share collaborative and collective data. Our video-based analysis solutions provide corporate trainers and coaches with the opportunity to develop a better understanding of personality, behavior, error management, team dynamics, and more. These solutions enhance the performance and efficiency of teams to reduce human error.

To learn more, visit the Vosaic website.


About Lecat's Ventriloscope

“Any sound, anywhere!” has been the theme of Lecat’s Ventriloscope since its debut at IMSH in 2008. Now in almost 300 institutions in 15 countries, this versatile device has enhanced simulations by put abnormal sounds on standardized patient actors, but can also be used with ANY mannequin,as well as small and large group teaching. SPs and inexperienced operators can learn to use it very quickly, freeing up the sim tech for more complex tasks. In this way, throughput of the center can increase greatly, with multiple rooms operating simultaneously. It allows for instant comparisons of sounds, aiding differentiation of S3 and S4 gallops for example.

We have the largest, highest quality sound library available, but the Ventriloscope can use ANY MP3 file. It also allows the instantaneous simulation of any blood pressure, including auscultatory gap and pulsus paradoxus. Though simple, it is robust and tough. In FCC testing, it was put through numerous 10,000 volt static shocks, multiple falls from a height of about 5 feet, as well as temperatures of minus 20 to plus 50 Celsius as well as humidity extremes. At its core is a highly developed communications chip, several generations beyond “Bluetooth®”. In fact, several of those who developed Bluetooth® went on to work on our chip. The sound message “hops” among 38 channels for absolute security and messages are sent until a confirmation is received automatically by the other unit. The clearest channel is automatically selected by the chip It was one of only 25% of devices to pass the FCC requirements on the first try. It is lightweight and portable for use in the field with appropriate protective measures. As standard 3.5mm jack allows sounds to be played through high quality speakers and recorded for testing purposes.

Since 2008, we have developed the heart and lung triggers, which allow synchronization of heart sounds with the pulse of a human or mannequin to allow teaching of cardiac sound timing. The lung trigger, allows use of any MP3 file, anywhere on a mannequin with a moving chest wall or inflatable lungs Now, we are releasing “Minnie”, the first hybrid physical diagnosis teaching system with integrated interactive cases, and physical diagnosis pearls in video format. This system can be used by an individual student, physical exam lab partners, or even those attending a lecture! The inventor, Paul Lecat, MD, is a passionate teacher of physical diagnosis and a professor of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics.

To learn more, visit the Lecat's Ventriloscope website.