SimGHOSTS Event Director Ryan Eling Says "So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish"


Since 2013, SimGHOSTS Event Director Ryan Eling has been supporting the organization first as a volunteer, then part-time, and finally a full-time employee. It is with great sadness that Ryan is parting ways with SimGHOSTS this month as the ongoing international travel has become too burdensome for his young family. SimGHOSTS Founder Lance Baily made the announcement at SimGHOSTS USA during the closing ceremonies with a parting gift of a unique "Iron Man" 1/6th action figure saying between tears "You will always be our Iron Man Ryan!" While we are sad to see Ryan go, we will always remember him with appreciation for his positive attitude, amazing work ethic, and great sense of humor.

With no prior experience running events Ryan came on board to the organization and became our leading expert. As a strong Sim Tech, his abilities to communicate, learn on the job, be proactive, and provide good cheer helped SimGHOSTS grow from one USA annual event every year to four around the world! The places Ryan, Lance, and the SimGHOSTS team have seen -- the top of the world's tallest building (even though Ryan has a fear of heights), Blanco's on the left, Escape Rooms of London, beaches of the Sunshine Coast, and countless amazing simulation centers, programs, and sim techs. 

We will miss you Ryan!!


(Nerdy Ryan Says "So Long and Thanks for All the Fish")

Please feel free to email with any kind memories or well wishes!  

(Lance and Ryan taking SimGHOSTS to the Top the World's Tallest Building in Dubai)

We wish Ryan the best of luck in his new adventures and happy healthy days for his family!