The Power of Collaboration in Simulation


Blog post by SimGHOSTS Secretary Lizzy Wooley

The Power of Collaboration


Whether you are working in a small simulation center or in a state-of-art simulation center, the collaboration with outside of your own center is always beneficial. As, Oliver Wendell Holmes quoted, "Many ideas grow better when transplanted into another mind than the one where they sprang up.", the collaboration with other institutes becomes the best resource for you. In this blog, I would like to share the methods to expand the relationships with other individuals who work in simulation field.

1. Attending the conferences – The best and the fastest way to make the collaborative relationship outside of your comfort zone is to attend simulation conferences. There are dozens of conferences focused on simulation, and depending on your job responsibilities you should attend them to get to know the people and expand your professional relationship. For instance, if you are a simulation technician, SimGHOSTS will be the best fit to share the tips and learn the new knowledge.

2. Being involved in the simulation organizations and committees – As you attend more conferences, you can find the opportunities to get involved in the simulation organizations and their committees. This is great chance to improve your career as well as to have excellent resources. As you contribute more, you will get more.

3. Contribute in the forum, online community website – Once you attend conference, you often sign up for the membership of the organizations. Most of organizations have their own forums or online communities where you can ask questions or even answer the questions for others. This always has been the best way of collaboration since this is the place where you can acquire the ideas from the international groups.

4. Social media – Social media is a pool of new information. If you have a twitter or Facebook account, you can get connected with all the simulation communities in the world, and get updated on the new stories and information. It may not be the way of collaboration; however, it is the best way to be up to date in the simulation communities.

5. Participating in Webinars – You can also expand your relationship with other simulation individuals by attending the webinars. It’s also the best way to get to know a very knowledgeable person who has worked in the simulation field for a long time. They also can be a great mentor for you.

6. Visiting other centers – I recently visited a simulation center near my facility and it was indeed a great change to develop the local relationship as well as to learn different ways of putting things together. There is no center that looks exactly same. You will find something different and it’s good to take the reference on them for the next update on your center. Getting more involved within the local communities will definitely come in handy at sometime.