A Need for a Word Swap: Professionals in Simulation


Blog post by SimGHOSTS board member Rachel Bailey

A Need for a Word Swap

Many times we are categorized as simulation professionals. Simulation should be used as a tool for education, just as Power Point, Webinars, and Blackboard. With that in mind, I have never heard of a PowerPoint professional. The suggestion that simulation makes us professional is flawed. We are all professionals before we dive into simulation.

Our backgrounds whether it be in audiovisual, medical, information systems or theater, require professional skills. We are placed into simulation because we have a skill set that is desirable to operating or educating in simulation. We are professionals long before and after we work in simulation. When we call ourselves simulation professionals it implies that we were not professional before our career in simulation. This creates difficulty in salary, job descriptions and training. The tool of simulation is broad and creating professionals in simulation is narrow, therefore this trend of logic is flawed.

If one has a skill set that is desired in simulation, the salary should reflect that of a professional salary. When we fail to acknowledge someone as a professional; salary, respect, accountability, and opportunities decrease.

Just as simulation is a tool, there are many tools that aid in education and operating simulation. These tools aid in training for this broad field. Obtaining certification adds to your profession , just as your skillset or background. We must remember without a background or prequalifying skillset there is not certification. Therefore, we are a professional before, during and after simulation.