Bug Busters 2016


Blog post by SimGHOSTS Training Director Kirrian Steer

Bug Busters 2016

Now in its third year, Bug Busters has become a regular feature of SimGHOSTS events. I have been lucky enough to be one of the judges for both Australian Bug Buster competitions and have been impressed with the performances I have seen from competitors in both years.

As its name would suggest Bug Busters is a troubleshooting competition designed to provide competitors with an opportunity to test their knowledge and skills across all domains of simulation. The competition is conducted in rounds, initially in teams or pairs and then a final individual contest made of members of the winning team or pairs, which is livestreamed to the rest of the SimGHOSTS event attendees who are gathered in the auditorium. Each round requires the competitors to finish setting a room up for a simulation scenario. They are given a list of requirements and also an error or maintenance log suggesting an issue with at least one piece of equipment. Competitors have ten minutes to complete as many of the tasks as possible with each requirement allocated a number of points based on the time taken or complexity required to complete. Just to add to the pressure, competitors are interrupted with an additional challenge, quiz or task during their ten minutes. Of course the equipment required to complete the tasks is hidden throughout the room and a bit of hunting is required to find it all.

Over the years I have seen a variety of strategies – some go for their area of expertise first and complete the tasks that they anticipate will be the easiest for them. Some tackle all the simple tasks first in an attempt to complete as many as possible. I suspect that some competitors have no strategy and just go with whatever they see first that they can complete. Some smart cookies try to anticipate what the bugs will be – if they are right it can allow them to complete a complex task quickly, but if they are wrong they have used up valuable time.

So who were the Bug Busters champions for 2016? The finalists for the Australian event were Chris Carpenter, Phil Williams, Emma Horsfield and Rachel Collins. Emma and Rachel competed in the grand final, and it came down to just a point between them. After demonstrating her flying-fingers moulage technique Emma Horsfield was declared champion. At the USA event the finalists were Kelly Haas, Jessica James, Yixing Chen and Adam Fischer. The final was held in the Virtual OR of the JUMP Simulation center and featured a Laerdal SimMan 3G which none of the finalists have used before. This did not hold them back, they launched into Super SimTech mode and gave it their best shot. Jessica even showed her super-SimTech strength by picking 3G up and putting him in the bed in a completely different position to meet specifics of the simulation. Unfortunately her super-human effort wasn’t quite enough and it was Kelly Haas who rose to the top and took out the title. For you trivia buffs out there, this wasn’t the first time a competitor won on a simulator they were not experienced with. The 2015 SGAUS winner Darren O’Mullane also has this honor.

Emma and Kelly have won free attendance at a 2017 SimGHOSTS event of their choice and will also be the guest judges for the 2017 Bug Buster competitions. A huge thank you to Amy Wise and Billie Paschal who were the masterminds behind this year’s events and to our judges Darren O’Mullane, Natasha Eaton, Billie Paschal, Amy Wise, and Luther Rachel. If you have an idea for a Bug Buster challenge to be featured in the 2017 competition please let us know by completing the online form found here.