SimGHOSTS 2016 USA Session Videos Now Available to Subscribers!


SimGHOSTS 2016 USA Session Videos Now Available to Subscribers!


If you missed your second choice session or weren't able to attend any of our SimGHOSTS events this summer not to worry!  We now have over 300+ session, workshop, and plenary/keynote address videos from all of our events available to watch in our Video Course Library for SimGHOSTS subscribers.  This enables those who attended the events to catch up on sessions you may have missed or to re-watch your favorite sessions, as well as enable all simulation champions around the world to gain access to this learning material who otherwise could not participate in the events.

Recorded sessions from SimGHOSTS 2016 USA include:

  • CAE Healthcare Plenary Address - "Get Real: Telling Your Authentic Stories Across all Relevant Channels for Long-Term Success" 
  • Can't We All Just Get Along? Conflict Resolution Tips and Tricks
  • Discover SimMan ALS and Premature Anne
  • Educating the Educator
  • Get Organized! Tips to Keep Your Lab and Simulations Running Smoothly
  • Getting the Angles: How to Capture the AV and Audio in Different Sized Rooms with the Right Equipment and Placement!
  • Introduction to Basic Medical Equipment for Simulation Training
  • Inventory - How Much of This Do I Need and Where Do I Put It?
  • Inventory Made Easy with SimulationIQ Enterprise Inventory App
  • Laerdal Medical Plenary Address - "Everyday People: Closing the Gaps in Simulation"
  • SIMnext Sponsored Keynote Address - "Jump Simulation Innovation"
  • A Novel Approach to Military Simulation
  • Cardiovascular Care for Manikins: It's Shocking
  • Common Troubleshooting for 3G
  • Development of a Simulation Orientation Program to Assist in Mitigating Student Anxiety and Enhances Learning
  • Essentials of the Maternal Fetal Simulator and VIMEDIX OBGYN
  • Making Your Own IO Trainer
  • Demonstration of a Novel Adjunct to Chest Tube Simulation to Assess Post-insertion Troubleshooting
  • Onboarding of New Simulation Technicians
  • Optimizing Your SimPad and now...SimPad Plus!
  • Overcoming Limitations Of The High Fidelity Simulators With The Use Of An Innovative Scenario Design
  • Plenary Address: "To Boldly Go, The Past, Present, and Future of Healthcare Simulation"
  • Producing Effective Simulation Measurements
  • Simulating Simulation Planning
  • Simulation Center Build: Where Should I Plug In?
  • Simulation Program Evaluation: Use What You Have and Use It Well
  • Techniques of the Real or We Can't Tell You What the Matrix Is
  • Telesimulation for Long Distance Simulation / Tips & Tools for the Simulation Engineer
  • Termination 2.0
  • The View of the Simulation
  • Under The Hood of CAE's Apollo
  • Using Adobe to Edit a Simulation Video
  • Who is ADDIE and who cares? How the basics of instructional design affect simulation
  • Yes... I Powered it Off, and Turned it Back On. Now What?

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