Modifying Third Party Pads for Laerdal's AED Trainer 2


Modifying Third Party Pads for Laerdal's AED Trainer 2

During a meeting at Epworth Health (Melbourne Australia) with Tess Vawser, Brooke Alexander, Dean Sutton and Mike Langdon discussed what the difference was between the Laerdal AED pads with a yellow connector and third party AED pads like the Philips AED Pads with a blue connector. Various ideas were suggested like a reed switch, varying length etc., then Dean used a multimeter to find that the simple answer was that the yellow AED connector is shorted (both wires joined).

It was an easy procedure to cut the wires on a spare set of Philips AED Pads and join the two wires together. The now modified Philips blue AED connector was then inserted into the Laerdal AED Trainer 2 to confirm that this was correct and the AED trainer worked correctly.

Mike then took the Philips AED Pads and modified them by cutting the two wires , twisting the two wires together then soldering the wires together.

The above photo shows the now modified and working Blue connector Philips AED pads with some heat shrink (obtained from an electronics supply shop (Altronics or Jaycar in Australia) to insulate the wires.

We hope this modification is useful for fellow sim techs!