Project Management for Simulation Operators


Blog post by SimGHOSTS board member Rachel Bailey

Project Management for Simulation Operators

Many times, simulation technicians/operators are project managers. We schedule, create, and direct large operations. We direct the moving parts of simulation down to the finest detail. We plan for what happens and prepare for what could happen. Project management is not a term that comes to mind in simulation operations, but it should.

Boot camps, outreach, and multidisciplinary simulations would not happen without the constant planning of the simulation technicians/ operators. Although most operators are not called managers, we manage the operations for the people. We handle clients, staffing and technical operations. Our goal for simulation, is to make it flawless. Project managers apply the same logic. Project management certification is something to consider. There is a demand for project managers in healthcare and certification in project management will contribute to your professional growth. The certification is based on experience and hours of project management. It is possible to obtain certification without a degree; it just requires more hours of experience.

Project managers are well defined in regards to job description and salary. If you are curious, consider this certification and research project management. You might be surprised at how similar it is to simulation operations.