Innovation Spotlight: TEL ME More & SMART!


Blog post by SimGHOSTS MEA officer Valen Anderson

Innovation Spotlight: TEL ME More & SMART!

It’s always refreshing to see pioneers in innovation, especially when they are sharing their creativity with the community! Here are two awesome examples of exactly that:

TEL ME more


The TEL ME More Telegraph aims to bring people 'hot off the press' information and current opinion on all things related to digital, education, innovation and medical simulation, throughout the Middle East and Internationally.

The Editor is Chris Tuffnell, who is the Lead for Education Technologies at Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences with experience from the UK University and Middle East Healthcare sector's in the areas of Learning Design, Healthcare Simulation, eLearning, mLearning, Digital Learning and Instructional Design.

Chris is a former colleague of mine here at Sidra, and he is one of today's brightest minds. I would highly encourage you to check out his Telegraph and subscribe! It's very motivating to know that he is so supported in his role and the work he is doing.


The second innovative entity I wanted to highlight is Sidra's Medical Application Resolution Team, or SMART! This team was recently created here at Sidra to serve as a creative platform on which people can pitch and develop innovative applications to resolve issues within Sidra. The team consists of patent lawyers, entrepreneurs, and Sidra staff looking to improve our healthcare facility. The first SMART Pitch Day is coming up this November, where employees with bright ideas are being invited to pitch a potential medical application resolution project to the team (similar to SharkTank, but much kinder!) I'm sure companies and organizations such as google have similar teams and entities, but its great to see it thriving in the healthcare setting!