Medical Training Magazine: Improving Performance & Patient Safety Outcomes


Medical Training Magazine: Improving Performance & Patient Safety Outcomes

Medical Training Magazine is written by recognized professionals in medicine, simulation, and training.  The aim of Medical Training Magazine is to promote the best education and training practices for the next generation of healthcare professionals thus improving performance and patient safety outcomes.

Medical Training magazine addresses the needs of medical practitioners, healthcare simulation technicians, and educators and academics around the world. Medical Training magazine features innovations in healthcare education including the latest simulations developed to train different medical professionals at various stages of their education, as well as curriculum advancements to develop the knowledge and skills needed to ensure patient safety and reduce healthcare cost.

Issue 4 of Medical Training Magazine can be viewed here and includes:

  • Interviews with:
    • Tejal K. Gandhi, MD, MPH, CPPS - President & CEO, National Patient Safety Foundation
    • Robert Amyot, MD - President, CAE Healthcare
    • Clive Patrickson, PhD - CEO, Laerdal Medical
    • Lt. Gen. Nadja West - Surgeon General of the US Army and Commanding General, US Army Medical Command
    • + many more!
  • Updated from the medical community including articles about:
    • SSG newly released healthcare simulation dictionary
    • The American college of surgeons commitment to preventing 30,000 trauma deaths/yr
    • 3D virtual surgery mobile app
    • + much more!