SimGHOSTS Abstract Submission Deadlines Extended!! Hints on What to Present!


Blog post by SimGHOSTS Training Director Kirrian Steer

Good news! Abstract Submission Deadlines Have Been Extended!

USA Now Due March 7th 12PM Pacific: Submit Here!

SESAM Paris SimGHOSTS Track Now Due Friday: Submit Here!

Submitting a late Abstract to Present at SimGHOSTS events in 2017 but Not Sure Where to Start?

The SimGHOSTS audience love to hear from their peers about the work that they are doing. Nobody understands the work we do better than other SimTechs. At every SimGHOSTS event I learn about how to do my job faster, better or cheaper from the sessions delivered by other SimTechs. Others have inspired me with their stories about breaking down silos and working in powerful teams to produce some amazing simulation programs.

You may recall that SimGHOSTS surveyed our membership late last year to find out what you want to learn about and how you want to learn it. I have crunched the numbers and can now share the results with you. The hottest topics were emerging and new-release technologies. Many SimTechs are required as part of their role to research, evaluate and make recommendations regarding new technology purchases for their program. Around 70% of SimTechs said that they needed to know this for their current job making it highly relevant as well as most popular.

Moulage was the second most popular topic, both general and specialized. Again, around 70% of SimTechs indicated that they needed these skills for their current job. If you have found a way of reproducing a clinical presentation with moulage your fellow SimTechs would love to learn about it. Please also include information about time, cost and how to access materials. The third most popular topics were scenario development and programming of scenarios (especially with LLEAP software). SimTechs want to be able to better understand the instructional design and educational aspects of scenario development and also want to be able to program scenarios that provide flexibility as well as consistency.

Other suggestions:

Teaching others how to use and troubleshoot technology is a big part of the SimTech role and is a topic that the audience would love some more tips and experience in. If this is something you do well there are lots of people who would love to learn about how you do it.

Do you use iOS or android apps in your simulation program? A demonstration and review of the ones you find most useful is commonly requested in our forums and appeared several times in our survey. Casting, molding and prototype design are popular topics with the creative types who like to make their own moulage products or task trainers.

For personal as well as professional interest, a lot of SimTechs have indicated that they would like to know more about virtual reality and about different models of debriefing and how they are best used.

I have an idea, what now?

All you need to produce for the abstract is a catchy title, a list of learning objectives, a brief summary of your proposed session and a more detailed description. You will also need to think about the most effective type of presentation for your topic and any resources you are going to need. Need a bit of help fine-tuning your idea? Send me an email and I’ll help you out.

OMG my abstract was accepted! How do I make sure my presentation rocks?

There are thousands of websites, books, webinars and podcasts about presenting but the best one I have found is a recently released book by Tim Pollard called The Compelling Communicator: Mastering The Art and Science of Exceptional Presentation Design”. This book is an easy read with great resources and step by step instructions for designing and delivering a great presentation. If you follow Tim’s steps I guarantee you will deliver a presentation that rocks!