Exciting Hands-on Moulage Training Sessions at SimGHOSTS 2017 USA


Exciting Hands-on Moulage Training Sessions at SimGHOSTS 2017 USA


Between wound creation in our moulage courses, to advanced networking workshops, to intense workgroup sessions… SimGHOSTS is all about the doing. You will return home with valuable skills and knowledge of new techniques that can enhance realism in scenarios, increase reliability and flexibility of a simulation center’s systems, and more.  So, don't forget to snag Early-Bird registration for SG17USA and take a look at an overview of each exciting moulage training session below!

Pre-Con Workshops: August 1st, 2017
Main Symposium: August 2nd-4th, 2017
Host: WakeMed Center for Innovative Learning
Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

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P1: 8-Hour Moulage Workshop - $395 / $325

Come learn to create life-like three-dimensional wounds that can be sutured, debrided, and triaged for a realistic training experience. The presenter will identify SIM-Safe make-up and training techniques to create common Medical, Trauma and All Hazards conditions. Learn to understand moulage wound development when creating soft tissue wounds and accessory moulage utilizing gels, Silifix, latex and waxes. Participants will learn basic, intermediate, advanced and medical trauma moulage wounds application including surgical dehiscence, ulcers, burns, lacerations and active shooter.

A1: Intro to Moulage - $30

Learn the basics in SIM-Safe make-up identification, use and industry secrets to create common medical conditions. The presenter will identify and evaluate benefits and limitations in moulage application, storage use, pre-make and staging procedures to save time and money. Get hands-on with basic moulage wound development and applications including vomitus, wound drainage, sputum, fresh bruising and appliance.

C1: Training for Trauma Moulage Workshop - $30

This presentation will identify SIMSafe make-up application and industry techniques to creating developed trauma conditions. In addition, the presenter will identify and evaluate benefits and limitations in moulage application, storage use, pre-make and staging procedures to save time and money. Lastly, the presenter will demonstrate intermediate moulage wound development and applications including blisters, burns, impalement, tactile and olfactory application.

C5: WakeMed Center for Innovation Double Session:

Setting the Environment for Simulation: Multimedia and Stagecraft

Participants will be introduced to creative uses for multimedia and theatrical initiatives in simulation creation and implementation to create more immersive environment for learners. This will include the use of props, sets, multimedia, and other theatrical standbys to ensure learner immersion. Guest presenters with theater backgrounds will discuss stage management, direction of confederates, set design, and prop usage in simulation.

G5: EMS/Active Shooter Multi Agency Response

The goal of this session is to develop an understanding to introductory MCI staging events and collaborative planning. Participants will learn the basics in MCI moulage application techniques, storage, pre-make and staging procedures. By the conclusion of the presentation, learners will be able to evaluate the benefits and limitations in scenario staging and story progression in MCI events.

H1: Moving Beyond Makeup to Add Fidelity to Your Sim

Using silicon as a base, prosthetic moulage pieces can be molded to provide realism and additional functionality to both manikin and standardized patients for enhanced appearance and realism to your sim. This session will show you how to build from basics to very advanced pieces. Students will learn techniques to use color and texture to make the piecesle look real, providing the learners with more emotional response to the sim.


Improving Your Tunnel Vision One Simulation At A Time: Elevating A Trauma Simulation With Advanced Moulage - $25

Moulage is often overlooked and underutilized. A multisystem trauma simulation was created for learners to follow appropriate trauma assessment steps and reorder if necessary. A cost effective functional arterial bleed, distracting leg ambulation, and chest wounds were created. During the debrief learners realized how distracting injuries can harm patient outcomes. The simulation was a success due to the advanced moulage techniques incorporated.

In House, Low Cost Methods to build a Surgical Ultrasound Biopsy Course, through the Use of Medical Simulation - $25

This presentation will demonstrate and allow participants to get hands on with a DIY ultrasound model. This low cost, replicable and realistic model for ultrasound of the pancreas was designed to help residents develop and perfect their biopsy and operative ultrasound skills. Using chicken breast and intravenous tubing, as our pancreatic ducts, and olive pits as cysts and masses, learners will get to make and test out their very own models.

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