Geek Out with these Audiovisual Courses at SG17USA!


Geek Out with these Audiovisual Courses at SG17USA!


In addition to a number of hands-on moulage, management, medical, and simulation courses, SG17USA is also offering the following AV courses plus, you will also have opportunities to meet with simulation-based vendors to engage with the latest in healthcare education technology.  At our most recent events, staff from AV and IT departments outside of the healthcare simulation program found participating in SimGHOSTS to be immensely beneficial understanding the needs of their institution’s simulation program!  See a description below of all of our Audiovisual courses being offered at SG17USA and don't forget to take advantage of early-bird priced registration!

Pre-Con Workshops: August 1st, 2017
Main Symposium: August 2nd-4th, 2017
Host: WakeMed Center for Innovative Learning
Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

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B4: Comparing and Contrasting Video Capture Technologies

The presentation will examine different camera types and the means to display and record the video captured by those imaging devices. Camera topics will include analog signal cameras, digital signal cameras, and internet protocol (IP) cameras. Live video display will be compared to different streaming protocols.

C3: Recording Your Simulations: Framing the Perfect Shot

Video or still photography has always played a significant role in simulation. This presentation will introduce beginner/ intermediate tools that will help create more attractive media component for simulation. This presentation will cover basic composition, the exposure triangle, as well as backdrop and staging. Basic composition includes the Rule of Thirds as well as using a grid to position subject matter in a more appealing format. The exposure triangle references the ideas of depth of field the importance of light, as well as ISO Settings. Finally, backdrop and staging will be discussed as learners focus on capitalizing background as well as using settings to separate the subject from the background.

D3: Video Integration 101: How to Expand Video Solutions in Your Simulation Labs

Adding new video recording and debriefing technologies to your simulation labs will dramatically increase the learning outcomes of your program -- but what is the how, where, and what? This course by interact solutions will show you how to setup audiovisual technologies in your program to assist with the discrete coaching of your learners. Participants will learn what AV equipment is required, how this equipment is setup and effectively integrated.

D4: Are you ready for 4K video? Must Know Requirements & Benefits!

How many milliliters is that student drawing up? Was the delicate surgical procedure performed correctly? Only the power of 4K recording and debriefing may tell us! 4K recording and debriefing allows simulation programs to extend the benefits of the most life-like video detail commercially available to the learning outcomes of. But what are the challenges of considering this new technology and how can your simulation program overcome then? Find out if 4K is right for you!

E2: The Time for Interprofessional Education is Now. Tomorrow. And for the Long Term!

This presentation will showcase a web-based platform that enables virtual teams from multiple disciplines to collaboratively provide care to a single patient overtime. The ability to accelerate the frequency of IPE events for better collaboration and outcomes; simplify team scheduling; and simulate team communication through video conferencing will also be addressed during this presentation.

E4: Cost Effective and Future Proof Medical Simulation Centre AV Systems Design

Audiovisual systems are an integral component of the learning methodologies used in medical simulation training, and to be effective they must be based on the actual user requirements, able to accommodate all typical training scenarios such as the use of human patient simulators, standardized patients, confederates and assessment programs. This presentation will provide important steps and criteria commonly overlooked when designing integrated AV systems into medical simulation training centers, and provide the audience with useful pointers!

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