New Online Course: Fundamentals of Training and Education for Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists



New Simulation Learning Theories Online Course


Are you currently looking to identify a number of teaching and learning theories as they relate to healthcare simulation, with a focus on adult learning theory? Then SimGHOSTS Training Director Kirrian Steer's new course "HSTS501: Fundamentals of Training and Education" is for you! 

This course is designed to give a broad overview of adult education, simulation education, simulation modalities and provide practical application of adult learning principles to the role of the Simulation Technologist. For those of you who are involved in or would like to know more about scenario development or debriefing, other SimGHOSTS courses will go into more detail about adult education theory and application, simulation methodology, instructional design, and simulation debriefing models.

SimGHOSTS strives to empower those working with simulation technology to improve learning and patient care outcomes. By signing up for this course you are joining the ranks of Sim Champs around the world who are passionate about improving quality and safety in healthcare. This course will help you to understand the role of the simulation educator so that you can work with them to improve the results of your simulation program. It will also help you to be better at teaching others how to use technology in your simulation center. You will be rewarded seeing improved utilisation of the technology in your simulation center and enjoying contributing to the quality of the learner experience. SimGHOSTS courses are created by SimTechs for SimTechs – we understand your work and we want to help you be better at your job or find better ways to do your job. In this course you will design and deliver a training exercise in your workplace. This is an opportunity for you to highlight your enthusiasm for simulation as well as your diverse range of knowledge, skills and abilities!

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