SimGHOSTS Returning Gold Sponsor Laerdal Medical


SimGHOSTS Returning Gold Sponsor Laerdal Medical

Laerdal Medical has been a strong supporter of SimGHOSTS events for many years now.  Last year at SG16USA Laerdal Gold Sponsored the Plenary Address "Everyday People: Closing Gaps in Simulation" by Grace Gephart, Director, PULSE Center at Arkansas Children's Hospital.  You can watch this plenary address here and many more recorded sessions, talks, and workshops in our video course library available to all SimGHOSTS subscribers.

This year Laerdal joins as Gold Sponsor of SimGHOSTS 2017 USA!  "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: The Technological Hurdles We All Face" is the Laerdal Medical Sponsored Plenary Address given by WakeMed's sim champion Dr. Amar Patel.

More from Laerdal Medical at SG17USA

P3: Efficient Systems Deliver Effective Simulations

  • Learn how to help meet your faculty and staff's learning objectives with greater ease. During this hands- on session, Laerdal technicians will introduce you to the tools and techniques they use to keep your simulators running at peak performance. We will begin by demonstrating proper functionality tests utilizing our approved checklists, which participants may keep to use back at their own facility. This will be followed by a discussion on the benefits of our latest software platform, LLEAP, including step-by- step instructions on how to upgrade your simulators and access to the resources needed for successful implementation. The session will conclude with directions on changing common replacement parts.

B3: Discover In-situ and Mobile Obstetric Training with SimMom

  • Learning to make quick decisions during childbirth can mean the difference between life and death. SimMom® is designed to facilitate training and prepare learners to recognize and respond to potential high-risk births and postpartum complications. Come explore the tetherless design of SimMom with integrated ultrasound technology, accurate birthing anatomy, and interchangeable postpartum modules.

V2 - Meet Your Vendor: Laerdal Medical  

  • A mission of SimGHOSTS is to help speed up technology adoption and be a bridge for the medical simulation technical community and manikin manufacturers. Make suggestions to improve software manipulation and hardware utilization. This time is also saved to provide more opportunity to engage with the vendor exhibit area.

Sign up for these Laerdal courses during registration and don't forget that Early-Bird registration ends July 1st so be sure to REGISTER NOW to take advantage of discounted registration!

Pre-Con Workshops: August 1st, 2017
Main Symposium: August 2nd-4th, 2017
Host: WakeMed Center for Innovative Learning
Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

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Early-Bird (April 3rd - July 1st): $473
Standard (July 1st - August 2nd): $597

About Laerdal Medical

The Laerdal Corporation employs 1,400 people in more than 20 countries and has further international representation through a network of over 50 distributors. All employees are committed to the company ethos of ‘helping save lives’ through the ongoing research, development and supply of innovative products to improve patient outcomes. The Laerdal Foundation based at Stavanger, Norway was established in 1980 to provide financial support to practically orientated research and development in acute medicine. Together with a sister foundation in the US, since 2004, the Laerdal Foundation has supported about 1,500 heart function, brain function, circulation/shock, breathing function, CPR and pre-hospital treatment in Europe and the US with funding in excess of $13m.

The Laerdal Company was established in 1940. During our first two decades, we created innovative toys and books for children. In 1958, the company started to dedicate itself to advancing the cause of resuscitation and emergency care. In 1960, the first patient simulator Resusci Anne manikin was introduced to the market. A new logo was needed to reflect our mission. Our founder, Åsmund S. Laerdal, chose the image of the Good Samaritan. It depicts the ancient tale of the traveller whose selfless compassion and care saved the life of a total stranger. This became our emblem and our inspiration. Today, Laerdal Medical is dedicated to helping save lives with product solutions, services, and system solutions that support the Chain of Survival. The Good Samaritan logo symbolizes our commitment to every health professional and volunteer who has learned how to save the life of a family member, friend, or stranger in need. The vision of Laerdal is that no-one should die or be disabled unnecessarily during birth or from sudden illness or trauma. Since its creation of the pioneering, and now world famous CPR practise manikin in 1960, the Resusci Anne; many more innovative products have followed to improve and support education for Healthcare Professionals around the world, as well as facilitate the spread of CPR knowledge and skills to the would be Samaritan in the wider lay community. Laerdal has developed break-through technologies that have helped to define its portfolio of simulation, micro-simulation, virtual reality, automated external defibrillators and emergency therapeutic products as reputable market leaders. Other well-known brands include SimMan,SimBaby, SimNewB, HeartStart, Q-CPR, Stifneck, the Pocket Mask and BaXstrap.

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