Healthcare Simulation Publications from the SimGHOSTS Team


Healthcare Simulation Publications from the SimGHOSTS Team

SimGHOSTS board members have helped author various healthcare simulation research and scholarly articles.  Below are just a couple of publications from some of the SimGHOSTS team so be sure to visit our Publications page for lots more!

Lance Baily BA, EMT:

Six Challenges Encountered in the Opening of a Multi-Institutional, Interprofessional Simulation Center. Clinical Simulation in Nursing 9(6), e219-e223. (Published online February 20, 2012) . Baily, L., Bar-on, M., Yucha, C., & Snyder, S. J. (2012).

Rachel Bailey:

Bailey, R., Taylor, R. G., Fitzgerald, M. R., Kerrey, B. T., Lemaster, T., & Geis, G. L. (2015). Defining the Simulation Technician Role. Simulation in Healthcare: The Journal of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare,10(5), 283-287.

Scott Crawford MD, CHSOS:

Crawford, S. (2016) Nail Removal. In S. J. Plavsic (Ed.), Urgent Procedures in Clinical Practice (pp.15-17) New Delhi: Jaypee.

Dr. Patrea Andersen:

Andersen, P., Horton, E., & Clarke, K. (2017). Improving health and safety in aged care using game based simulation.The Australian Nursing & Midwifery Journal, 24 (7), p. 35.