Everything you need to know about submitting a proposal to present at SimGHOSTS in 2018


The call for papers is out and time is ticking! SimGHOSTS are on the lookout for interesting and original content for our 2018 events.


The key to having your proposal selected is making sure the selection committee have a clear idea of what your presentation will be like. To go right back to basics, SimGHOSTS exists to support individuals and organizations who are users of healthcare simulation technology. This means that we need to see a clear link between your presentation and the SimGHOSTS mission. We need to understand the benefit that attendees will gain from attending your presentation and why it needs to be a presentation and can’t just be something they can read about online. Think about the presentations you have enjoyed the most as an audience member. What was it about them that made them so enjoyable? How can you incorporate this into your presentation?

I have something that I have been working on but it’s a still work in progress… Great! SimGHOSTS events can be a great stepping stone to having your work published in a journal. The SimGHOSTS event attendees can act as a focus group to help you refine your idea. Tell us about it, give us a demonstration and the simulation community will give you feedback that will help you to make your idea publication-ready.

Interested in presenting but having trouble deciding on a topic? Most presentations fall into two categories - Things that are important for those working with simulation technology to know, and Cool things that those who work with simulation technology will find interesting. If your presentation could be in both categories then you are probably onto a winner.

If you are having trouble getting started try some of these:

Things you wished you had known when you started out working with simulation technology.

A problem you have solved, or something you have created.

A new product you think everyone needs to know about (you must not have a financial interest in the product or any related companies).

Advice for future-proofing your sim center or program.

Things you do to save time or money in your sim center or program.

The last thing to do once you have your proposal ready is to read it as if you were on the review panel. The selection criteria are:

  • Reflects the needs and interests of the healthcare simulation community

  • Novel/Innovative

  • Originality

  • Quality

  • Clear description

  • Clear learning objectives

  • Method/presentation appropriate to topic

  • Results/findings/outcome clearly articulated

  • Clear implications for practice.

If you have all of these covered you are ready to submit!

For submission guidelines and the submission portal, click here.

Good Luck!