The Top 10 Blog Posts of 2017


by Operations Manager Kirrian Steer

With most of us having a break for at least a few days over the next couple of weeks it is the perfect opportunity to catch up on those blog posts that caught your eye during the year. The list features new posts for 2017 and some older favorites from previous years. 

Our 10 most popular blog posts for 2017 are:

1 What Are We? Defining who a Simulation Specialist is and Tackling the Controversiesby guest blogger Arielle Glen

This blog was first published in 2015 and quickly became our most popular blog post. Arielle tackles controversies such as position titles, pay rates, qualifications, and the dilemma of being a member of a misunderstood profession. 


2 SKINcredible! - building a form to make a better suture pad by Mark Johanneck

Mark shares step-by-step instructions for mass-production of suture pads, saving you time and money!


3 The Future of Technology in Nursing Education by Billie Paschal

What will you need to know about virtual reality, mobile device apps and data analytics for future nursing education, and where to learn about it!


4 SimMan3G – The Very Basic Overview by Mohammad Alamar

 Mohammad provides a simple overview of the SimMan 3G components and peripherals. 

5 Microphone and Voice Configuration for SimMan 3G by Nick Brauer

Nick walks you through setting up a microphone and configuring the Laerdal Voice Conferencing App with pictures and simple to follow instructions. 


6 Sidra Medical and Research Center Sees First Patient by Valen Andersen

Valen shares her experience as an expat in Sidra, Qatar and the role of simulation in the opening of a new medical center. 


7 SimPad Quick Fix by Nick Brauer

Nick to the rescue with instructions for troubleshooting and repairing your SimPad!


8 Start up Moulage Burn Identification Simulation by guest blogger Arielle Glen

In another favorite from 2015, Arielle shares her moulage kit essentials and tips for creating moulage burns.


9 Organize your sim center with Airtable by Kirrian Steer

An introduction to Airtable - a free app that allows you to build a database and data entry forms with no programming required!


10 Blood pressure cuff hack by Nick Brauer

 Nick shows you  how to save money by creating a BP cuff for your manikin using parts from old BP cuffs and a few simple supplies. 


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