SimGHOSTS Appoints New Executive Director


The SimGHOSTS Board have appointed Kirrian Steer to serve as Executive Director, replacing Founder Lance Baily who is stepping back to the role of Marketing Director. 

Kirrian has the following message to the community:

When I started in my first simulation technology role in 2012 my career experience was as a business owner, clinician and educator. My simulation experience was limited and like many before me, I had enough knowledge and experience to get me started and need to learn the rest as quickly as possible. A week in to my role I found SimGHOSTS and it became the most significant resource I used to develop my simulation technology skills and advance my simulation career.

Less than 12 months later I attended my first SimGHOSTS event, the 2013 conference at San Antonio, Texas. From my very first day as a Sim Tech I loved it so much that I was willing to give up my business and my clinical career to focus on simulation, but it was at the SimGHOSTS event though that I knew I had found my tribe. I meet so many interesting and inspiring people at each SimGHOSTS event that just those few days leave me with a renewed energy and a brain overflowing with ideas that I can’t wait to explore.  

These experiences are what have led to me writing this today. I am honored that I am now in the position to be able to pay forward the value I have gained from SimGHOSTS by serving as Executive Director. Despite being located in Australia, I have been working very closely with the Board and especially Lance over the past few months to transition into this position. Lance’s passion for and dedication to simulation has set a high standard for me to meet and I am humbled that he and the Board have selected me to continue Lance’s great work for SimGHOSTS.

The SimGHOSTS leadership have some exciting plans for 2018 with new online resources and professional development initiatives, research opportunities and two major events in Australia and USA. I will be spending time in both Australia and the USA throughout the year so look forward to meeting with many of you.

Kirrian Steer

Executive Director