SimGHOSTS Partners with Halldale Media to Help Manage Operations


Today, the SimGHOSTS Board of Directors and Halldale Media announce a long term collaboration through which Halldale will provide sales, marketing and administrative support to The Gathering of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists non profit group, starting immediately for all US operations alongside the newly appointed Executive Director Kirrian Steer.

SimGHOSTS represents a critical group of simulation technology specialists, and clinical simulationists who heavily engage with simulation technology, which enable the operation of healthcare simulation programs. SimGHOSTS will provide two meetings during 2018, in Memphis Tennessee and the Sunshine Coast of Australia, created by and for the global simulation specialist community.
In addition, SimGHOSTS will continue to provide unique online content, connecting and empowering the international community of simulation operation specialists around the world. With the additional support from Halldale Media, SimGHOSTS leadership will focus more on expanding the information and products designed to enable membership and the healthcare simulation contribution to improved education, training and safety.
Halldale is the leading provider of best practice information to simulation and training communities, with experience working in multiple simulation industries spanning over the past 30 years. Its coverage includes defense, airline and healthcare performance improvement, the latter through Medical Training Magazine (MEdSim).
SimGHOSTS Founder and Chairman of the Board, Lance Baily, stated that the purpose of this collaboration “is to free up our experts to provide more support and content to our members while Halldale manages and supports the development of our not-for-profit, alongside Kirrian Steer who is taking over my role as Executive Director. The goal is to expand the delivery of outstanding support to our members and further develop the products, content and events that our members are requesting.”
Stop by the SimGHOSTS booth at IMSH next week to learn more!

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