SimGHOSTS Research Committee 2018


by SimGHOSTS Research Chair Rachel Bailey


SimGHOSTS research committee is focused on operational research in simulation technology.  SimGHOSTS research goals are to provide the "how" in simulation.  Many research is published on the rationale of what and why simulation and its outcomes are important, but our goal is to provide facilities and staff with how simulation is done.  Our committee will provide research on staffing, orientation, technical needs of simulation centers, and needs of technicians themselves.


Many technicians support research, but few have the opportunity to create their own research projects, SimGHOSTS research committee recognizes this must change.  Our goals are to improve professional development for simulation technicians and promote and advocate for operational research.  We will be working on grants as well as helping facilities with grant support and operational expertise if needed.


Technicians manage the operations of their center, and provide expertise in operations and process improvements; providing technicians with the opportunity to publish their knowledge will allow simulation to grow.  Knowing how simulations operate is just as important as knowing why.  If you are a technician that is interested in writing and publishing, we want to hear from you.  Email and let's begin putting those thoughts on paper with your name behind it.